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...the ULTIMATE gamer computer...

Pentium 200, 32MB Ram, 3.2GB Hard Drive, 6MB Video, 17" NEC Monitor,
Advent 20W SurroundSound with 30W Subwoofer, Thrustmaster joystick, Gravis GamePad and tons more.

for more details on the POWERPLAYER 2020 click HERE

All you have to do is find the level, document how you found it and send in all the
required's ( see below ) to get entered for the drawing! Simple enough? - Well, we don't think
you can find it, but since we're SO NICE, we are going to give you a
few clues to make your quest a little easier...

Clue#1: The level is not located in any DeathMatch or CTF level.

Clue#2: The name of the secret level consists of these letters: E T U N G L A

Once you find the level, you need to do several
things in order to register for the drawing:

1) Shoot a PCX of how you found the level. You'll know you've found it when you match the letters
in Clue#2. You must take a PCX of that area and one more, anywhere INSIDE the secret level. Either
print both pictures or send them in on a floppy.

2) Cut out and send the UPC code from the bottom of the SHRAK box.

3) Fill out all of the information and send in your numbered registration card.

You MUST send in all three things in order to qualify.

Contest Entries So Far!
Name Date Entered!
Marcy Greenberg Feb. 18, 1997
Owen Marlowe Feb. 21, 1997
Bryan Murphy Feb. 25, 1997
Craig Blatter Mar. 4, 1997
Timothy Vogel Mar. 14, 1997
Diane Tharp Mar. 20, 1997
Christopher Teegardin Mar. 20, 1997
Jonathan Groves Mar. 20, 1997
Jeremy Jurgensen Mar. 24, 1997
Mark Sweikow Mar. 28, 1997
Shih-Lung Chien Apr. 1, 1997
David Ohlsen Apr. 2, 1997
Dean Haas Apr. 3, 1997
Leonardo Castro April 8, 1997
Randal Rocamontes April 8, 1997
Matthew Lazarowitz April 8, 1997
Edwin Diaz April 9, 1997
Ryan Wetherill April 9, 1997
Nick Schliesman April 9, 1997
John Charles April 11, 1997
Chris Hodge April 14, 1997
Matt Kenney April 14, 1997
John Curtin April 14, 1997
Wesly Christensen April 14, 1997
Shaun Harris April 17, 1997
Chris Gray April 24, 1997
Theodore Duffy April 25, 1997
Jackie hall April 28, 1997
Gaburri Stefano May 1, 1997
Chris Brokes May 2, 1997
Michael Fracher May 6, 1997
James Davis May 8, 1997
Dan Papa May 12, 1997
Timothy Worshim May 12, 1997
Chris Rizzo May 14, 1997
David Vandever May 15, 1997
Jeff Mishler May 18, 1997
Wes Morrison May 18, 1997
Jeff Zaida May 18, 1997
Jeff G. (from PA) May 18, 1997
Kenneth Dunn May 23, 1997
Gary Figg May 27, 1997
Danny Milla May 27, 1997
Joy Hagen May 27, 1997
Jimmy Baggett May 29, 1997
David DeVore May 30, 1997
Jason Satterlee May 30, 1997
Max Dangerfield May 30, 1997
Ernest Sessa June 2, 1997
Paul Rogstad June 2, 1997
Gabe Hawkins June 2, 1997
Charlie Chavannes June 2, 1997
Demetrius Bezas June 2, 1997
Katherine Farinoso June 2, 1997
Doris Boller June 2, 1997
Brian Smith June 2, 1997
Chad Price June 2, 1997
Rex Hiebert June 9, 1997
Marj Starr June 10, 1997
Ariel Vera June 12, 1997
Jacob Gustavesn June 13, 1997


The Secret Level contest begins 1/30/97 and ends 5/30/97. To enter, follow the
instructions as listed above and send all three requirements to: Quantum Axcess, 240 N. 5th
Street, Suite 100, Columbus, Ohio 43215. Attention: Secret Level Contest. The drawing
will be held 6/15/97. All entries for the NEC PowerPlayer 2020 drawing must be
postmarked by 5/30/97 and received by 6/7/97.

Winners will be notified by phone or e-mail. A list of winners will be posted here on the SHRAK
World Wide Web homepage at

This promotion is void where prohibited by law. Any tax liability is the sole responsibility of
each winner. Limit one registration per household or organization. Odds of winning depend on
number of entries. You must 18 or older to register. Prizes are not exchangeable or
transferable. Contest is open to the U.S.A and International entries. Contest is not open to
anyone affiliated with Quantum Axcess or the SHRAK project. Quantum Axcess reserves the
right to upgrade any prize in this contest. The sponsor of this contest is Quantum Axcess. All
Software and Hardware products are trade names of their respective owners.

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