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Look for this page to be updated weekly with SHRAK and QUAKE related freebies such as SHRAK screen savers, levels, patches and more... ...You wont find this stuff anywhere else on the internet except HERE!

SHRAK icons
now you can custom your SHRAK desktop icons with these three variations... ...and check back often, there's more to come!
the SHRAK screen saver - IT'S HERE! -
let SHRAK invade your screen even when you're NOT playing the game. the SHRAK screen saver features all the coolest graphics from the game including monsters, weapons and other cool stuff!
KeyQuest Level
Here is the first of many FREE levels! From us to you! Another SHRAK exclusive!
SHRAK v2 Update patch
Here is the long awaited update to VERSION 2! Told ya we'd get it up here! Unzip into your SHRAK directory and enjoy the new features!
The Warfare Warehouse
Once more for your gaming pleasure we have a FREE LEVEL! From us to you, fully compatible with SHRAK, original Quake, and the Hipnotic add on!
The BUGWAR Client
Here is a little taste of what you have been missing! BUGWAR takes you to the next level in deathmatch play! You BECOME a LightSear or a Gorok. Get busy in a whole new way! This is so cool that you don't even need to buy SHRAK to do it! 'Course if you already have SHRAK then you don't need it plus you get more than just a little taste! Hey, we're generous - not stupid!
Dark Hell - NEW! -
Back by popular demand it's ANOTHER free level! Dark Hell awaits you! As usual you can play it with SHRAK, Quake, Mission Packs, Yer Grandma, or however else you want.

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