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Q: Will my Wingman Warrior work with SHRAK?

A: Raddog was nice enough to drop me a line to let me know how to do it up:

"The Wingman Warrior works great with Shrak! Just creat a WwShrak.bat file with the line (wwlaunch quake -game shrak +map start1)."

Q: Will SHRAK Multiplayer work with QSPY?

A: You bet it will! We recommend getting the newest version from the QuakeSpy Team. After that it's just a matter of putting SHRAK in the game field in the server's properties. Quick & easy!

Q: Where can I get the new version of GLQuake and VQuake?

A: The new version of GLQuake is available from id Software.

Head over to Rendition's page for information about VQuake.

Q: What's up with the saved games / version 2 problem?

A: This only affects gamers using openGL. It appears that the saved games will not survive when GLQuake remeshes after installing the SHRAK patch. Unfortunately there is no fix for this at the present time. Since the saved games are controlled by the game engine and not us there isn't anything we can do about it. We'll be looking at the new version of GLQuake when it comes out and hope to have more information for you then.

Q: When is that update coming out??

A: NOW! It's over on our downloads page! Grab it today!

Q: What does the update give me?

A: It's probably gonna be quicker to just read the text file. Let me know if you have any questions.

Q: How do I make the other maps work with SHRAK??

A: You will need to create a directory under your \quake\shrak directory called maps and place the MAPNAME.BSP file there.

After you start SHRAK you will need to open the console and type in:
map MAPNAME to play it.

Q: Will this pack support 3D acceleration like vquake ( verite Quake ) does for regular Quake?

A: YES. SHRAK should run with the Verite Quake enhancement. You will need to change the batch files in your Quake directory (shrak.bat and netshrak.bat) to call the new executable.

Q: Will the various 'bots be compatible, ie., reaperbot, zeus, cfbot?

A: At this time SHRAK does not support any QuakeC bots. C/S bots MAY work. We are looking into adding QuakeC bot support to SHRAK.

Q: Will my Wingman Warrior Joystick work with SHRAK?

A: It should but we haven't tested it yet. You will need to adjust the SHRAK batch file(s) located in your quake directory to call the wwquake executible.

Q: Can I use your MDL files with my own levels?

A: You may make your own maps with the various entities included in SHRAK for your own personal use. Commercial or electronic distribution of ANY portion of SHRAK is expressly prohibited. All Entities contained in SHRAK remain the property of Quantum Axcess.

Q: How do I get my question answered?

A: By sending mail to: support@shrak.com

Q: Is the SHRAK Webmistress Available??


Q: Are you people insane?

A: Depends on the legal definition in your area!

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The Pre-Version 2 questions are below here.

Q: Why do SHRAK weapons look strange when I play GLSHRAK?

A: The source of the problem comes from the fact that some of SHRAK's models have the same file name as id's; for example v_rock.mdl for the Quake grenade launcher / SHRAK inflator. For purposes unknown to me, GL Quake must make a special new "Mesh file" for each MDL it runs across during its precache cycle. Problem is, GL Quake does not differentiate between our models and id models when making these meshes. It simply looks and sees if a mesh already exists for the model being precached, and if so skips making the mesh. Obviously meshes already exist for id's models unless you have never played GL Quake 'plain' (without SHRAK) - and so Quake tries to use SHRAK's models with id's meshes and we get ugly models.

On the bright side, the update patch in final test will fix this wierdness as well as add some new features! Keep checkin' back!

Q: What do I do when I get "error 006" during the install?

A: You will need to download an updated copy of ST.EXE from this site then follow the instructions for install help with the new file.

Q: What is the story with the command line switches in NETSHRAK.BAT

A: You caught us... There is an extra character on the command line in NETSHRAK.BAT that prevents the first command like switch from being active. To correct this problem you will have to edit the batch file and remove the f from the line:
qlaunch quakeudp.dll quake.exe -mpath -game shrak +map start1 f%1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

Q: Why am I getting an initgraph error?

A: We have seen people who have installed Quake® in an unusual location (like c:\windows\desktop\games\cool\mine\yours\theirs\threedee\quake) have a problem with the setup portion of the install program. To remedy this you will need to move Quake® to a shorter path. Fewer than four (4) directories in should do it.

Q: What do I do if the automatic install didn't work?

A: You will need to do a manual install. There are three basic steps to it. Just to make things easy on everybody we'll go with C:\quake and a CD ROM as drive D: if this doesn't fit your system you will need to change the path(s) and drive letters to match.

Before beginning you will have to be in MS-DOS mode (or exited from Windows).
From the root directory of your CDROM the following steps IN ORDER
xcopy d:\shrak\shrak c:\quake\ /e /v
after the xcopy completes you will need to change to the d:\shrak directory
cd shrak
This will set you up to set up the SHRAK files. First we'd better make sure that they are writable.
attrib -r c:\quake\shrak\*.*
Now you are ready for the remaining steps:
st.exe c:\quake\shrak\pak0.pak -rebuild c:\quake\id1\pak0.pak
Be certain to wait until the process is complete.
st.exe c:\quake\shrak\pak0.pak -rebuild c:\quake\id1\pak1.pak
Again, wait until the process is complete.
You should now be ready to run SHRAK.

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