When blue, bastard, judgecal & girlbomb throw a party... GO - just GO!
Let's see... Memorial day weekend, NYC, a cool-ass Soho loft, food, booze, MSNBC, sleepin on yer
keyboard (if at all), the BEST Quakers on the planet and freaks throwing candy - it doesn't get
ANY better than this... oh yeah, we were there too.

the place: Braodway & Houston, Soho - New York City, 6th floor (count 'em)

90 computers networked and buzzin - dead bodies everywhere.

room2 and every power outlet taken...

the stairs leading down from the loft studio were almost more frightening than some of the attendees!

the stairs from hell...

I had originally been slotted to lay down the soundtrack for this little killfest but power issues forced the psuedo studios into darkness while the tourney raged on!!

the cutting edge studios of psuedo.com
( home of quakecast )

two parts of the quantum crew "Embrionic (oh yeah that kid with the green hair) Pete" and myself, kevy kev (bigboy)


PlanetQuake's Bastard was sportin' one
of the only tans in the place!

do I EVER get to play?

Quake celebs in effect! Killcreek drops in courtesy of SpaceTec!

Pete: "...she wants me..."

Quantum Axcess Skipper and SHRAK visionary Steve Smith lookin buckled

"you talkin to me?!"

bastard & mr. coffee take a break between frags to chat about BEER.

gimme my cup back.

Embrionic Pete gettin' CRUSHED by Honus.


the stever takes a spill in the ole' comfy coucher.

somebody help me up.

sCARY chills out after openin a can of woop-ass, 20 to -6.

we came, we saw...

blue: fraggin, taggin n' shaggin

ohhhh ba-bee... do I make you hooorney?.

eventual one-on-one champ HONUS of Clan Gib mackin' with his first round casulty Embrionic Pete.

"nice hair."

We were fairly sure our own resident techstud Craig "Smert" Phillips hadn't gotten on the plane with us outta Cowtown, but when we stepped into the M3 lair ( drunk as what ) on friday night, we all thought we'd seen a ghost! you be the judge...

By the way, Smert did not attend - but through the magic of computer enhancement we've been able to transport him there and put him right where we need him.

Special thanx to Blue, Bastard, JudgeCal, Girlbomb and Psuedo for throwing such a kickin' gig. We had a blast and i think that was the general consensus. Even in the face of power and network problems, swealtering heat and the scariest elevator i've EVER been on, everyone pulled together to make things go smoothly. This shit was REALLY cool and i'm glad i can say i was there.


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